If you want to get into your dream university, you need a PARTNER and a PLAN.
We provide the guidance, planning, travel, and training so you can work the process
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Student Dream Program

The Student Dream Program was developed by Ivy League graduates with one important mission: to help international students get into the best universities in America. Over the years, we’ve provided the guidance and resources to hundreds of students who have been accepted into the Ivy Leagues and other elite universities.


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Admissions Advisors

We search the globe to hire the most accomplished and impressive Ivy League admissions officers to join our team.  In the first year, you will be assigned an Admissions Advisor who will provide the monthly guidance, planning, advice and inside access to help you get into your dream school.
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College Prep Classes

Our Ivy League educators have created customized courses that provide you with the tools to successfully navigate American culture and social interactions, acquire lifetime leadership qualities, and create an academic plan that will ensure admission into the most elite American universities.
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Travel Programs

Travel to the great cities of America, tour and attend classes at Ivy League universities, and visit historic and interesting sights and destinations in America.  Homestay options are also available and encouraged.  Our travel programs combine education, college prep, and fun.
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